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Internet Marketing Information

How do search engines work?
Search engines use large mathematical algorithms to index websites and rank them in order of relevancy and content. Each algorithm will calculate different metrics such as keyword density, site links or META tags. Search engines constantly update these algorithms to improve the ranking process and to keep webmasters on their toes by developing relevant content.

How do I get high rankings for my website?
Achieving high ranking search results on Google or other search engines is a highly competitive endeavour and there are no sure fire solutions. Ensuring the content of your website is highly relevant to your business or product and using appropriate keywords and search terms will help. A strong link community may also boost ranking.

What is Pay-Per- Click Advertising?
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Paid Search Advertising is a method of targeted advertising where advertisers pay the host site or search engine when their adverts are clicked on by web users. When PPC campaigns are designed correctly they can provide high ROI for businesses although this method of internet marketing can be costly and does not always yield sales. This is also called Keyword Bidding.

What does Link Building mean?
Link building is the process of creating a network of external links directing users to your site. Links from authority sites such as educational institutions, news publications or official organisations will benefit your site and links from poor quality organisations may damage your site. It is important to have a link building strategy and research your link hosts carefully.

What is Social Media?
Social media is web-based media designed for dissemination through social use and interaction. Social media is user driven so individuals upload personal content, create public profiles and enter into dialogue with other users. Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter attract millions of users and provide strong marketing platforms for businesses. Blogs are a form of social media.

What are blogs - should I have one?
Blogs are user generated online journals with interactive capacity allowing readers to add comments. Blogs are maintained by individuals or groups of people and updated frequently with text, images, videos or links. Creating a blog has very little direct advantage for SEO although search engines will revisit pages that are updated frequently and continue to index them. If your blog is interesting and attracts a readership or ‘followers’, then this will create a direct audience for your online marketing. Be careful however, as you may lose readers if your marketing becomes heavy handed – blog readers do not like being sold to.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an advertising strategy where a fee is paid to the host site in exchange for traffic or sales. This differs from PPC as there may be fixed fees for the advert listing in addition to click through charge.

What is an Internet Marketing consultant?
Individuals or agencies with expertise in online marketing will combine a number of the processes listed above to improve your company’s online profile for a fee. Some consultants may charge day rates for the optimisation work whilst others may have a target based fee structure where payment is in proportion to traffic or conversion.